Is it easy to hack Shopify?

Is it easy to hack Shopify?

Every day hundreds of users turn to Google and ask the monotonous question, that is Shopify safe and how often do hackers manage to compromise the platform?

The answer to that question is ‘yes, Shopify is safe’ and ‘No, it is not an easy target for hackers.’

In fact, it is categorized as one of the safest ecommerce platform across the world.

Shopify has quite a few protocols in place that ensures safety on your online store. This includes offering white hat hacker bounties, security updates for all users, and some of the best in-class risk analysis tools.

White hat hacker bounties

A bug bounty program is the best way to show your prospective and current consumer that you are serious about security. Shopify has a bug bounty program in place as well that offers monetary rewards to ‘white hat hackers’ or the security researchers that find and report vulnerabilities to the company in a timely and responsible manner.

As of yet, the company has paid over $180,000 in bounty over the lifetime of the program that shows the company’s rigidness toward security breaches.

Security updates

Shopify is a SaaS based program. This means that it offers better security protocol than the open-sourced ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce or Magneto.

Shopify also ensures your online store remains protected at all times by rolling out security updates by default for all the users.

Tools for analysis

Fraudulent orders can be a problem for online vendors. However, Shopify minimizes the risk of same with their in-class risk analysis tools that keep a check on each order that is placed through your shopping cart. If the company detects any suspicious activity, they immediately cancel the order.

Some of the key points that the company checks include:

  • The buyer’s billing address
  • The billing address compared to the address on the credit card
  • And whether the same credit card has been flagged down previously on their servers

You can also upgrade for better analysis through a third-party app available on the App Store.

Shopify – as safe as it can get

Shopify boasts 500,000 customers with a revenue of over $150 million. It has a $10 million dollar market cap and is considered one of the most valuable ecommerce platform.

A significant percentage of the revenue it garners comes from the sales you make and thus, providing the most secured service is important for the company.

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